in silico bio-evolutio

Project financed
Type of action: HORIZON EIC Accelerator Grant First
Granting authority: European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
Grant managed through EU Funding & Tenders Portal: Yes (eGrants)
Grant ID: 190103838
Project title
in silico bio-evolutio – novel AI paradigm for molecular biology
The success of phage therapies relies on correctly matching a therapeutic phage to bacterial strain. However calibration of therapy recipe may last for years. Presented solution enable to accelerate this by in silico simulations on AI platform for in vitro. It is able to find optimal phage that meets the phenotype imposed by the researcher. Currently, this process is performed by wet-lab employees (in vitro). Replacing it with an in silico will significantly accelerating the process and improving therapy quality. It is a novel endeavor in the area of molecular biology.
Project value
2 417 995.00 EUR

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