Camino Is Just The Beginning Of Evolution

It’s not surprising that issues related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) ignite human minds. The technology of tomorrow happening today, as if taken straight from Stanislaw Lem’s works. It is a field that constantly demands human resources. After closely examining the requirements posted by employers on No Fluff Jobs, I call them, somewhat paradoxically, unicorns. I discussed the search for such a mythical creature in the hottest sector of the industry with Mariusz Ferenc.

Cogito ergo sum

Issues related to big data, artificial intelligence, and neurolinguistic programming are not necessarily the optimal choice for people considering entering the industry, and it’s important to emphasize this loudly and clearly right from the start. Candidates at the mid level are required to have high and narrow specialization, including excellent knowledge of the deep (down to the level of definitions) mathematical apparatus lying at the basis of the most advanced technology such as AI. The requirement for both academic activity, expressed at least by a third degree, as well as market-driven aptitude, knowledge of good programming practices (understood here even as the art of dialoguing with a computer using a specific programming language), should not be surprising. The project that Camino invites to is not isolated in this sense.

Yes, despite everything, the IT industry generates a strong gravitational field. Above-average employment conditions, satisfying salaries (at the level found in Western countries, higher than the average Polish salary), but also a clear and relatively fast career path, are tempting. It’s not surprising, therefore, that there is no shortage of people looking for a way to change industries or choose this specific career development path. Despite the high inflow of candidates, on the same IT market, we have been continuously observing a lack of highly qualified specialists for years. In this peculiar pas de deux, unfortunately, it happens that one side or the other occasionally steps on their partner’s toes. The Artificial Intelligence sector is no exception here. The situation becomes more complex as the pool of potential candidates is much smaller than in other specialties. Only a few can really teach a machine to think and it’s definitely more science than fiction. Science, which should indeed draw its beginnings from Intelligence, but starting with Natural Intelligence‚Ķ

Does the revolution devour its own children?

We are looking for creators, not imitators. People who think outside the box, with academic-level knowledge, but with a skill set that goes back to the absolute basics of higher mathematics, allowing for designing and creating ‘blocks’ from scratch… At the same time, ready to take a contradictory stance, questioning by definition, because it allows us to get closer to the place sought, out of the box.” says Mariusz Ferenc.

The dynamic pace at which the industry is growing seems to many as an Opportunity. However, one must not forget that such a state of affairs also poses a threat. The professional future, in which machine students will replace programmer teachers, may depend on the perception of this dichotomy and the ability to adapt flexibly to changing conditions, adopting a creative thinking approach. According to my interlocutor, such a simulacral realization is coming faster than we anticipate. For several years we observed the testing of thought verbalization technology, that is, exercises for conducting dialogue by chatbots. Today we already have something that verbalizes them more naturally. ChatGPT is a more expressive snapshot of progress. Therefore, I was not overly surprised when our conversation at some point turned to stages much earlier than recruitment.

What the shell soaks up in youth?

Unicorns don’t just come from nowhere.

We need Teachers who are ready to both Teach and Educate. However, before that – there is another condition that is critical for Both sides of the Dialogue: ‘Learn to Talk and Learn to Listen’ … The word ‘Learn’ is not accidentally emphasized because essentially Learning is the basis of Progress – at every stage of skill enhancement. That plus authentic faith, that we can Achieve Something. Access to authentic knowledge plus Dialogue leading to points of contradiction are conditions conducive to learning creativity in reasoning.” explains my interlocutor.

The modern approach to the IT industry as a kind of portal to good remuneration, and hence – a satisfying standard of living, is understandable, although risky… In the postmodern world, or as some prefer, the reality of late capitalism, in which the chance for a novelty radically decreases, we should turn to sources, elementary and timeless Values, and perhaps even to a childlike curiosity about the world. Especially in the sense of a child’s courage in formulating thoughts leading to questions that no one has yet asked…

What reason can’t break, but through the path of evolution

However, the future is not painted in dark colors. The IT world needs juniors, their determination, sincere and natural vivacity resulting in the desire to expand horizons, motivated to become Change (just that, written with a capital letter), incidentally as a derivative: testing their worth, not only in the project. The Dialogue with the Teacher – Dialogue Partner is important. We are talking about acting in the spirit of Democracy of Thought with simultaneous consideration of a colleague’s and/or teacher’s thought – which contributes to creating a proper group, distributed Intelligence. Today’s aversion to the youngest in terms of tenure employees, may tomorrow result in a deepening competency gap, which the industry cannot afford. The evolutionary encounter of juniors’ energy and the experience and knowledge of experts stands at the very beginnings of Innovation (not only in the industry but also in widely understood nature). Thanks to this peculiar perpetuum mobile, it gives hope for the market and each of its current and future participants separately.

Last but not least: it is important in everything not to forget: why are we doing what we are doing? In our case, everything starts and ends with the word: Life.

Therefore, it is not accidental that the values at the base of the Camino project are reduced to the statement:

Life is overR(ea)Ding Value

The word: “overriding” we consciously transformed (to the word, ‘overRead’). To reach the overriding values – one should primarily start: Reading Values – especially timeless, noble in their nature and which can and should guide us in Life …

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